What do I need to get started?

Most of these recipes simply require a passion to eat healthy and the basic kitchen accessories!

I’m new to cooking – what are the ‘basic kitchen accessories’?

I define the basics accessories as:

– pan (cover optional but encouraged)
– pot (again, cover optional but encouraged)
– oven tray (any size, just make sure it fits your oven!)
– knife set (7″ blade, 4″ blade and paring knife)
– tongs
– cutting board

Will I have to spend a fortune on these recipes?

No, not a fortune. I will tell you that, honestly, you will be paying a bit more for a healthy than you would for a $5 pizza. But then again, how much is a healthy life-style worth to you? I aim for about $3 a meal. I prepare my meals in bulk which keeps the cost low. It also means I will have meals for a couple days!

Will I have to spend hours in the kitchen?

No! My meals generally take around an hour total to cook, and that doesn’t mean you’re constantly cooking for that hour. Some recipes take a little as 30 minutes!


I love, love, LOVE Tupperware. Since I cook my meals in bulk I have invested into good, reliable Tupperware. Nothing is worse than arriving to work or school with food all over your bag.

Am I going to need a microwave?

Not always. As of late I have been experimenting more and more with recipes that don’t need to be heated up.

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